The Underground is a street dance company, based in Los Angeles, Calif., featuring a variety of styles from around the United States, including krump, Chicago footwork, popping and Brooklyn bruk up. We are also a movement, and the dancers hope to share their art and passion for street dance with as many communities as possible. In September 2012, the company premiered its first live show to a packed audience of over 1,200 at the University of Southern California.


22prissy4Marquisa “Miss Prissy” Gardner: Classically trained, Miss Prissy started taking dance lessons at the age of four, learning everything from ballet to jazz to tap. She discovered hip hop dancing at 13. In 2005, she starred in the film Rize, which chronicles the lives of some of South Central Los Angeles’s top krump dancers. She went on to tour with Snoop Dogg, the Game and Madonna. The “Queen of Krump” teaches, performs and choreographs around the world, as well as sings. She currently runs her own production company and released her second mixtape, “The Diamond in the Ruff,” on December 25, 2012. She is working on a feature-length documentary about street dancers around the country, and she is the founder/director/choreographer of The Underground. queenofkrump.com

10lilcsoloChristopher “Lil “C”” Toler: Lil “C” has appeared in music videos for Jennifer Lopez, Missy Elliot, Christina Milian, Gwen Stefani and Madonna, and in the films Stomp the Yard and Be Cool. He was one of the dancers profiled in Rize, a 2005 documentary following the rise of krumping as a dance style. From there, he started choreographing performances for the Teen Choice Awards, American Music Awards and NAACP Image Awards, as well as a routine in the television series “Bones.” He is perhaps best known as a choreographer and guest judge for the reality show “So You Think You Can Dance.” He can also be seen acting in You Got Served: Beat the World and StreetDance 2. He is co-choreographer of The Underground.

423341_633312959612_1552649514_nDeidra “Krucial” Cooper-Jenkins: At a university in North Carolina, Krucial was chief choreographer for Unparalleled Productions and choreographer for Eclypse Dance Troupe. After graduating she moved back to Los Angeles and is currently a member of both the “Hall of Fame” and “Demolition Crew,” dedicated to krump, performing and volunteering at schools, women’s prisons and boot camps. She is currently pursuing her master’s degree at USC.

15manny5Manny “Xclusive” Fernandez: Fernandez started dancing as a career 12 years ago. Being the first Latino in his area to krump was a challenge. In 2010, a driver hit him on his bicycle, leaving him with a broken leg and concussion, and he was told he might not be able to dance again. Since then, he has been blessed to be featured in videos, traveling to perform and teaching classes.

28worm6Christopher “Worm” Lewis: Worm started his dance training at the age of eight under the tutelage of Debbie Allen. He was accepted into the Los Angeles Academy of Fine Arts. He has had the opportunity to demonstrate, teach and represent krump in Nevada, Missouri, New Jersey, Florida, New York, London and California. In 2008, he joined Demolition Crew. He, along with fellow krumper and “So You Think You Can Dance” season 9 winner Russell Ferguson, created Krump Fu. He has performed at events like the World of Dance Tour (WOD) and the J.U.I.C.E. Hip-Hop Dance Festival.

briddyBritton “Briddy” Shaw: Briddy’s journey started at the young age of 15, touring with Chris Brown as a krumper on Brown’s Up Close and Personal Tour. His older brother, “BShaw,” once one of Chris’ original background dancers, introduced the two, who quickly became best friends. Briddy has also appeared in several of Brown’s videos. Shadowing these experiences, Briddy was bit by the entertainment “BUG.” For more information, visit briddydreams.com.

boogiefrantickfbRicardo “Boogie Frantick” Rodriguez Jr.: As a youth growing up back and forth from the 818 San Fernando Valley to East Los Angeles, Boogie Frantick has always been an artist of his own kind, expressing his artistic self by either drawing, dreaming, acting and dancing. As an individual growing up, he used the tasteful art of poppin, miming techniques and other dances to good use to avoid negative actions. He has performed at the 2010 Academy Awards, for Queen Elizabeth’s Jubilee, and in Australia, to name a few. He was featured in Step Up 3D and is now a member and Villain in the new Legion of Extraordinary Dancers and the Gr818ers.