EMPLA: Krumpin’ In North Hollywood on April 20 at REDCAT

The Underground will be participating in EMPL.A. Pop Conference — Locals Only: Pop & Politics In This Town — on a panel called ” Krumpin In North Hollywood” on Saturday, April 20, 2013, from 2:15-3:45pm at REDCAT.

EMPLALast year marked the 10th anniversary of krump, a street dance created by marginalized working-class black youth living in South Los Angeles. Since its establishment krump has grown into a dance form celebrated and performed globally. But nonetheless it has also remained very connected and based within its Los Angeles roots, currently taking most dynamic form in North Hollywood, an outer-ring suburb not conventionally identified with youth subcultural practices of performance, play, leisure and community-building. At the “818 Session” krump dancers have repurposed an empty parking lot, among many other spaces, for performance and recreation; it is another example of how black and brown working class youth — populations whose mobility and use of public space is increasingly curtailed by corporate takeovers of public space and the growth of outdoor performance spaces that cater mainly to bourgeois interests — have seized underused and undervalued city spaces as sites for invention, expression, and community-building. This roundtable will bring together Lil’ C and Miss Prissy, two of krump’s founders and the organizers of the 818 Session, as well as several krump dancers, dance journalists and scholars on popular culture to discuss the importance and creative value of street dance as well the multifarious politics of the 818 Session.